Monday, February 11, 2013

Textbook gone FUN! I have some explaining to do, or what?
I have not even gotten on to my blog in over a month.
Last semester was a close one, on if I were to pass my classes or not.
I made a promise that I would take NO time at all on fruitless things such as blogging, 
reading for pleasure, etc. while I was in school this semester.
I am almost done, and I need to just focus, and finish!
But today I weakened.

I have this horribly dull textbook, inside and out!
I hate to look at it, open it, or even read it.
I needed something to spunk it up, and give me some inspiration to read it.
I told myself that I had 30 minutes to make a book cover, and no more.
I can do that, right?
I can if I don't measure, etc.
Let's just say I did it, but don't look to closely.
I think it's uber fun though!

 Not perfect, but much more enjoyable to read out of!

 I might have to do this for all of my textbooks!

 And of course the inside of the cover has an extra added splash of color.

Thanks for stopping by
"Through Betsy's Looking Glass".

And sorry, but once again I won't be getting on very often this semester, 
but right after school ends, I will be back to my normal groove.
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