Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't Forget Me!

Hello Blogging World!
My first instinct is to start apologizing, and making a million excuses to why I have not been here to see you, or to talk to you.
But, I'm going to just admit it.
I kept choosing to spend time with family, or doing things that I love (not that I don't love blogging),
but by the time evening rolled around I was so worn out I just wanted to curl up into bed, 
and take a snooze.
Okay, so yes I did start making excuses, but whatever...I'm back!
And I plan to not run away any time soon.
I'm not sure if you missed me, but I know I missed you.

But anyways...
About 4 months ago I took the initiative to start a book club through my work.
I work in a bookstore, why didn't we already have one? 
I don't know.
But I later opened it up to the public.
Any and everyone is welcome to come.
We have been having so much fun with it.
It took the first few months to get the ball rolling, but I think it's finally taking flight.
The books that are being chosen are books that are thought to be the next "IT" book.
A lot of times we (the choosers) have no idea if it really is going to fly off the shelves,
but we are going off ARC reviews, publicity for the book, and the fads that are running through books at that initial time.

The first book we chose was 
The Fifth Wave
by: Rick Yancey
*Chosen, because it was receiving a large amount of publicity before it's release date. (Goodreads ads, corporate emails suggesting us to read it, positive ARC reviews, window posters for the windows). This obviously was going to be something big.

Thematic cookies to go with the book discussion. That was a big hit!  

The second month we read
The Bookman's Tale
by: Charles Lovett
*Chosen, once again because pre-publicity.

Since this was a British book I thought it would be SO much fun to have tea, and digestive biscuits along with our discussion. I made bookmarks for this one as well, but once again NO photos. But I do have extras and I plan to do a post about them later, because I made them out of old book spines. SUPER FUN.

The third read was
World War Z
by: Max Brooks
*Chosen, because of a recent spike in sales because of the movie release.
So on this one I did have thematic cookies. I made lady fingers. Get it? It's a book about Zombies and I was going to make lady fingers, HAHA. Well, long story short, they looked ridiculous when I finished them. So in the trash they went, and to the store I went.
And finally, what we discussed for the month of August was
Gone Girl
by: Gillian Flynn
Obviously we know this is a big thing right now, but it was a big thing and still is.
It has now been on the bestsellers list for 14 months. If a book can stay on over three months that's phenomenal. I knew this one had to be read, and discussed.

Dark chocolate truffle balls, red jelly beans and paint swatch book marks.
 I had a ton of fun putting this last months book club together.
I did truffles instead of cookies, because Amy Dunne's (main character) favorite treat was dark chocolate truffle balls, and I served red jelly beans because of Betsy's (character) habit of throwing them. I thought it was too funny that Betsy (my name is Betsy) did this. And lastly I made the bookmarks out of paint swatches, because Amy had this belief that you could just start fresh, and just paint over the past. Too awesome!

Okay I'm done blabbering about the book discussions.
Can you tell I had fun planning them, and having them?

I also came up with my own questions for all the book discussions. If anyone is interesting in me sending them to you just send me an email to, 
or just comment on this post.
Any other questions or comments just comment down below.
I would love to hear suggestions, or would just love to hear what you have to say.

And thanks for stopping by
Through Betsy's Looking Glass!

Oh, and September's book is 
The Cuckoo's Calling
by: Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling)
Hopefully you know why this one will, and is a big thing right now.
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