Friday, September 21, 2012

Has it already been 3 Years?

I'm one of those people that loves to look back at each years pictures 
to see how things or people change.
And this afternoon I was looking back on her previous birthday party pictures, and I first
of all realized I didn't take enough pictures. I was probably enjoying the party, 
and I just forgot to take pictures.
Luckily I at least got a few of the birthday girl each year.
And I noticed how much she has changed.
You don't realize it until you sit down and analyze.
It amazes me!

For my daughter's 1st birthday the theme was butterflies.
And I had found this gorgeous butterfly fabric.
And of course my Mom made a beautiful dress for little Cam's first birthday.

For her 2nd birthday the theme was "Yo Gabba Gabba".
So I just had a lot of colors everywhere, and I thought this bright pink dress
 was perfect for the occasion.

Okay, and I know we haven't actually celebrated her 3rd birthday yet,
but just for the matter of the post just go with it.
The above dress was a collaborative dress between my mother, and I.

I hadn't really noticed how grown up she looks until now.

I'm off to go give her a big squeeze,
but thanks for stopping by
"Through Betsy's Looking Glass".

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Birthday Dress!

My little 2, soon to be 3 year old is about to have her birthday.
I'm all about making her party dress's to make them perfect for her.
This year I originally wanted it to be blue to go along with her blue theme for her party,
but she wanted pink, because of course her favorite color is pink.
And as you may have seen in one of my earlier post Peter, my hubs,
 bought me this gorgeous pink fabric.

To view that post click here.
I thought her dress would be adorable in this pink and grey fabric.
And I will admit I start more projects than I finish, and I am way overly ambitious about what I think I can get done.
So, I just wanted to admit that I started this dress about a month ago, and then school started.
I had about half of it done, and I just needed a few hours to finish the skirt, but I never seemed to find the time, and then my amazing mother called me up, and asked if I needed help with her party dress,
because her party is next week and I still hadn't finished it. AHHH!
So I said yes of course, but it hurt to know I had started this and didn't finish.
I hate knowing that I just needed to ask for help. 
It's always there!

But now the dress is done. . .Yay!
And it seemed to turn out perfect.

Cameron loves it, and she told me she feels like a princess.

Hope everyone is having a sewtastic week!
Check back to see her whole party put together,
and thanks for stopping by
"Through Betsy's Looking Glass".

Adorned From Above

Monday, September 17, 2012

Chalkboard Explanation

Okay, like I promised I'm going to explain how and what I did to make this awesome chalkboard.
Also the photo below is from my daughter's first day of school pictures.
To check out the post on that click here.

First off, this was another roadside find.
A few blocks from my house I found a table that was being thrown out.
The table had a unique top to it, but only one leg was attached.
The other 3 legs lay on the ground in a pitiful state.
I knew it was destiny.
I loaded everything up, even the legs, and drove home with many ideas rolling through my head.

I immediately knew I had NO desire to put the table back together.
I wanted to do something with the surface of the table, mainly.

So I removed the last remaining leg, and removed the backing of the table.
Still not quite sure what I was going to do with this!

Then it hit me!
Since I've been on a chalkboard painting high I knew this one was destined
 for the remainder of the chalkboard paint.
I sanded it all down, and painted the edge pink.
Leftover pink from a project I did 3 years ago.
I then painted the center with chalkboard paint. Three coats was sufficient!

Now that it's finished I've been able to use it a few times,
but I'm hoping that within the next few weeks I'll be able to hang it up in Cameron's room.
I think she would have so much fun being able to go draw crazy!

Thanks for stopping by
"Through Betsy's Looking Glass".

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding Shower

A few weekends ago my mother threw a wedding shower
 for my cousin, and his fiance.
Well, she threw it for his fiance, my cousin wasn't there.
Anyways, my mother decided since their colors for the wedding were mainly red,
she thought it would be fun if all things were red, including food.
It turned out to be a really cute party.

My Mom!

I made some cupcake treats to help celebrate.
Red velvet of course, and some white cake for non*red velvet fans.

Fruits were even in the red theme.

Amanda, my sister*in*law, and I came up with this fun game for the party.
Since we didn't know Marcee, the bride, as well as we would like,
we thought it would be fun to ask her questions about her, and my cousin.
Not to personal though!
Each person at the party was given a question.
They first had to answer the question themselves,
and then Marcee would answer.
It was a fun way for everyone to feel involved.
It got a lot of stories flowing.

We had lots of fun, 
and my mom did a wonderful job making her wedding shower special.

Thanks for stopping by "Through Betsy's Looking Glass".

Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st Day of Preschool!

This little booger started school today. . .preschool!
She was uber excited, and so was I.
For her first day of school pic I thought I would be a follower of the "1st day pic fad"
that seems to be spreading across pinterest.
I love it.
The whole idea of "what will I be when I grow up some day",
and to do this each year.
I'm excited to see what she says each year.
Of course my nephew said he wanted to be a police man, my cousin a doctor, another cousin said
she wanted to be in show choir, but Cameron of course wants to be. . .
a Princess!

I couldn't decide which picture I liked the best so of course I'm posting all 3.

Oh, and by the way this chalkboard is one of my latest creations, and I can't wait to tell you all about it.
I'm hoping this weekend I will have time to share my latest roadside find creation.

Thanks for stopping by "Through Betsy's Looking Glass".
Now I'm off to go pick up my little chica from school.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

"Candy" the Fish

For Cameron's 2nd birthday last year she received a fish,
from her cousin's, Carson and Brylee.
She instantly fell in love with her fish.
She takes wonderful care of it, and makes sure that it gets the proper
amount of food (a handful), which leads to more than necessary cleanings, that she makes sure that we are also aware of. As in she feeds the fish more than enough which leads to us having to clean the bowl more than should be necessary, because she fills the bowl with fish food which of course makes the bowl ucky, and mirky.
But, I couldn't be more than happy that she created an attachment with this little creature.
Well, as you may have noticed from previous post that her 3rd birthday is almost here.
I have been planning for about a month now.
I know your probably thinking I'm crazy, 
but I love to plan, and make list, etc.
So her theme is ocean themed in someway, I still haven't posted what the official theme is, 
but most of you have already guessed, and so I thought it would be fun to make sure that her fish was allowed to join in her birthday celebration.
I know that sounds weird!
Okay, so on to what I decided to do. . .glass etching!
I thought it would be neat to etch the fish's name onto the fish bowl.
Cameron named it Candy by the way.
So on to the how to.

First off you will need some kind of etching paint.
Martha Stewart has a huge selection to choose from.
I found mine at Michael's.
You will also need stencils, cutouts, or whatever you desire to etch onto the glass.
Martha Stewart once again has a large selection of stick on designs.
And lastly you will need a dabbing brush to dab the paint on.
I quickly learned that this paint dries fast.
Only do one thing at a time, and immediately remove the stick ons.
Or the paint will stick with the stencil, like mine did at first.

Once you finish etching, let dry and then use as desired.
This dries very quickly, and the paint is permanent.

Can you see Candy in the picture below?

Keep checking back, because I plan to do a post about her whole party when we finally have it.

Thanks for stopping by "Through Betsy's Looking Glass".

Ballet is official!

I know it's been awhile since I've sat down and written a post for you guys.
I feel like every second that I have a second to spare needs to be devoted towards school work,
housework, family time, or just plain sleep.
I have a few projects in motion, and a few finished that need to be posted on, 
but today I thought I would talk about how awesome my mom is.
She is the most dedicated person I know.
Even when she has no time of her own to spare she still finds time to make each and everything wonderful. Cameron and Brylee started ballet this last week, 
and of course they needed some cute little ballet bags to take with them.
My mom found these cute little pink ballet bags that the girls adored,
but instantly they started fighting over who's was who's.
I knew this was a problem, 
but the next day my mom had fixed the problem.
She put their names on each of their bags. 
Just these little things show how much effort my mom puts forth.
And the girls feel so special knowing that each of their bags are unique for them.

And while it may seem, and look like life is on the up, and up we are having 
a few heartbreaks lately.
The beautiful little girl that my mother helped take care of for years passed away the other day.
Ashley was such a loved little girl that had one the biggest hearts.
We will most definitely miss her.

If you don't remember who Ashley is, or missed one of my previous post on her click here to read a little bit more about this wonderful little girl.

Thanks for stopping by "Through Betsy's Looking Glass".

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