Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding Shower

A few weekends ago my mother threw a wedding shower
 for my cousin, and his fiance.
Well, she threw it for his fiance, my cousin wasn't there.
Anyways, my mother decided since their colors for the wedding were mainly red,
she thought it would be fun if all things were red, including food.
It turned out to be a really cute party.

My Mom!

I made some cupcake treats to help celebrate.
Red velvet of course, and some white cake for non*red velvet fans.

Fruits were even in the red theme.

Amanda, my sister*in*law, and I came up with this fun game for the party.
Since we didn't know Marcee, the bride, as well as we would like,
we thought it would be fun to ask her questions about her, and my cousin.
Not to personal though!
Each person at the party was given a question.
They first had to answer the question themselves,
and then Marcee would answer.
It was a fun way for everyone to feel involved.
It got a lot of stories flowing.

We had lots of fun, 
and my mom did a wonderful job making her wedding shower special.

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  2. Really nice idea that is asking questions and I like 'family rules' :D In addition, I love RED colour so pictures look lovely :))

    1. I thought all the red made everything so beautiful, and the game was so much fun. Thanks for stopping by!


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