Monday, September 3, 2012

"Candy" the Fish

For Cameron's 2nd birthday last year she received a fish,
from her cousin's, Carson and Brylee.
She instantly fell in love with her fish.
She takes wonderful care of it, and makes sure that it gets the proper
amount of food (a handful), which leads to more than necessary cleanings, that she makes sure that we are also aware of. As in she feeds the fish more than enough which leads to us having to clean the bowl more than should be necessary, because she fills the bowl with fish food which of course makes the bowl ucky, and mirky.
But, I couldn't be more than happy that she created an attachment with this little creature.
Well, as you may have noticed from previous post that her 3rd birthday is almost here.
I have been planning for about a month now.
I know your probably thinking I'm crazy, 
but I love to plan, and make list, etc.
So her theme is ocean themed in someway, I still haven't posted what the official theme is, 
but most of you have already guessed, and so I thought it would be fun to make sure that her fish was allowed to join in her birthday celebration.
I know that sounds weird!
Okay, so on to what I decided to do. . .glass etching!
I thought it would be neat to etch the fish's name onto the fish bowl.
Cameron named it Candy by the way.
So on to the how to.

First off you will need some kind of etching paint.
Martha Stewart has a huge selection to choose from.
I found mine at Michael's.
You will also need stencils, cutouts, or whatever you desire to etch onto the glass.
Martha Stewart once again has a large selection of stick on designs.
And lastly you will need a dabbing brush to dab the paint on.
I quickly learned that this paint dries fast.
Only do one thing at a time, and immediately remove the stick ons.
Or the paint will stick with the stencil, like mine did at first.

Once you finish etching, let dry and then use as desired.
This dries very quickly, and the paint is permanent.

Can you see Candy in the picture below?

Keep checking back, because I plan to do a post about her whole party when we finally have it.

Thanks for stopping by "Through Betsy's Looking Glass".


  1. What a sweet project! I love the candy dish fish! Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty!

    1. Thanks Kathie. My daughter loves it as well. She is so excited to share, and show off her fish at her birthday party.


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