Thursday, February 23, 2012

Locket of Love

     Have you ever been talking to someone and notice that they are wearing a locket? When you see that locket you can't resist wondering whose inside. Is it a long lost dog, her dearly departed mother, a husband off at war, or her daughter that she can't wait to see from the end of her school day? I never know if there is a boundary. Do you ask, or do you let your mind go crazy? Your not hearing anything they are saying, because all you can think about is "Who's in the locket?"

     Well, I wanted a locket for my own, but one where you can see the picture, and when talking to someone they hear my conversation, because they aren't secretly going crazy inside wondering who is in my locket. Not that I don't like the idea of a secret person inside. It's romantic, and sad at the same time...I love it, but I can't live with the idea of not being heard when talked to. (Sarcasm, I know your listening!)

Homemade Locket of Love!

Original photo!
The finished locket!
Supplies vary on what you want to do with your locket, and what you want it to look like! Michaels, and Hobby Lobby are great places to start searching and getting ideas for your locket.

Sites that will help with resizing the photo!
Also some photo applications on your computer or ipad, etc. have the ability to do this. (iPhoto can do this).

On the backside of my locket I wrote "Daughters are Friends for Life!"
Sadly I could not get a decent picture of it to show you.
Now when you talk to me you won't be dying inside to know who is inside the locket.

What I'm Loving This Week!
Starburst has a new "Flavor Morph". Each individually packaged starburst is bursting with little beads of flavor. It starts out as one flavor and when you hit a bead of flavor, it has hit you with another. They are amazingly addictive!

Recently Shelved!
( 5 Stars )
Wild Magic
By: Tamora Pierce

This is not Pierce's strongest series, but it was great enough to still deserve 5 stars. 

*Keeping checking back, because I am preparing for an awesome St. Patrick's day Blog Post!
-All things Green!

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