Sunday, March 24, 2013

"17 & Gone" Review

17 & Gone

"17 & Gone" was written by Nova Ren Suma,
 and was published on  March 21, 2013.
She is also the author of "The Imaginary Girls", and "Fade Out", and
can be found here at her website.

Wow, such an amazing book! I am so glad that I received this as an ARC for review. "17 & Gone" is my most favorite book of the year. I was blown away as Nova Ren Suma twisted this tale to unbelievable heights. She is an amazing writer, and has a major talent with words. I was very impressed how much she knew about the subject she was writing on, not only on missing girls, but on the mysterious conclusion. You, as the reader, will be so shocked when you come to find out what Nova Ren Suma was able to do with this bone-chilly novel.

"17 & Gone" is about a young girl of 17, who is being haunted by the spirits, or what she thinks may be spirits, of "missing", 17 year old girls. She is put through the test, and pushed to find these girls that have chosen to reach out to her for help. When she feels she is almost to a conclusion, she is then at risk to become one of the "missing" girls.

I cried, cheered, and even squeezed in close to my loved ones as I read each word. If you are one for a little spook, read "17 & Gone", and help spread the word of Nova Ren Suma's next "IT" book.

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