Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!

     Yesterday was Peter's birthday! He turned 27. . .Woot Woot. For Peter's Birthday card Cameron and I took a few hours making this fun flip-book card.


1. First you will need to take all the necessary pictures to create the message that you want. 
Each page of the flip-book says a different word. I used chalkboard sheets that I had made for my daughter's 2nd birthday to write out the words, and on other pages I used poster boards. 

2. I taped the photos down onto grey cardstock. I liked the grey with the black and white photos. I originally was going to use yellow ribbon, but quickly changed my mind, and decided red yard would be easier to manipulate through a small hole. I used photo glue for a few of the photos, but found out that the glue affected the color of the photos (as it promised it would NOT do). Be wary!

3. Make sure they are all in order and the same size.

4. Poke a small hole in two spots evenly on the top of the cardstock. 

5. To help get the yarn through, use a sewing needle and draw it through the hole.

The photos below are the photos I used for the card!

The "Birthday" photo actually says "Bithday", totally forgot the "R" and
 I didn't realize it until I gave the card to Peter. 

Cameron is suppose to be a " / " mark. (Below)

The last 3 photos are saying "We love you"!

And for the birthday goodies I made cupcakes instead of a cake. 

I made little Darth Vader toppers for the cupcakes. The sticks
 I used are candy sticks. You can buy them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. 
And just printed the Vader heads off of clip-art, and printed onto cardstock.

They were even kid approved! Or at least the frosting was!

Happy 27th Birthday to my Hubs!


  1. You are so creative Betsy! I love the card idea and the cupcakes are perfection!

  2. Perfection for Peter! I knew he would like the Vader heads.


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