Monday, May 20, 2013

Displaying Artwork

Yesterday I found another roadside find,
but I have to admit it wasn't the greatest find.
A lot of times the things I find are on the side of the road are there for a reason, they're junk.
I happen to see a desk and immediately pulled over, but
I didn't take the time to REALLY look it over.
So, I'm awkwardly lifting this large thing into the back of my vehicle, 
when crash, the entire thing collapses.
What do I do?
Do I put it back on the side of the road, uhh, not after I see the owner staring out of his window.
Oh, how awkward is this?
So, I finish shoving the piece of poop desk into my car, and drive to a dumpster.
But when inspecting the fallen pieces I find this random piece of the desk.
I don't even know what this piece was for, but I had an idea.

What about a place to display Cameron's artwork?
She brings home so much stuff from school, church, random home projects, etc. that I 
don't know what to do with everything. 
So, I still don't know what I'm going to do with everything, but for
now I thought I could display the latest pieces and then box away each piece after.
So, at least each piece of artwork will have it's moment to shine.

I first painted the center part.

 I then glued a clipboard clip onto it.
And if you ever go in search of one, you won't be able to find one.
No one knew what one was, and no one had one.
But I finally found one at Hobby Lobby for $1.50.

Now hang and display the latest artwork.
I wish I wouldn't have painted the board the same color as the walls though.
Oops. I can change that later.
 And thanks for stopping by
Through Betsy's Looking Glass.


  1. Really nice idea for displaying artworks :))

    1. Thanks, I have to admit it wasn't all my idea. My friend hung a clipboard on the wall and is displaying her daughters artwork that way, so I kind of improvised from her.


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