Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Button Bookmarks

Tonight I'm hosting a bookclub.
And I have been making bookmarks for each month's discussion.
Some of them are simple paper bookmarks and others are a little more indepth.
For tonight's discussion I thought I would make some cute button bookmarks.

So EASY to make, and very cute.

All that is needed to make these are 
the buttons of your choice, large paper clips, and a hot-glue gun.

I'm sure that instructions aren't needed.

Have fun making button bookmarks,
and thanks for stopping by
Through Betsy's Looking Glass.

I will be sure to post more after our book discussion tonight.

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  1. It's looks very cute and making of it should be very easy. I'll try it, thank you ! :)

    1. They were easy to make. Thanks for stopping by Gzde.

  2. Just found your blog on These look so cute, I think I will make some for Christmas gifts. Does it matter what kind of button or just any big button?

    1. Hey I just saw your comment Mary. Thanks for stopping by, and no it doesn't matter on the button. I found these worked well since the had a little notch in the middle to glue right to the paperclip. I hope you bookmarks turned out well.


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