Monday, September 23, 2013

Curious George Storytime

Storytime at BN is one of my most favorite things to host.
I love the anticipation of the little one's eyes as they wait for each page to turn.
They get so excited, and they each have such wonderful imaginations. 
So as some of you may know I USED to be one of the children's leads at BN,
and I was able to host storytime every Wednesday.
But with school, and everything else I was getting a little overwhelmed working
full time so I had to cut back, and I now only sparingly host Saturday storytimes.
This past Saturday we had a Curious George storytime, 
and it was quite a blast.

Cameron and I dressed up as the "girls in the yellow boys',
in relation to the "man in the yellow hat".

I was able to make a few large bows for us from scrap fabric I had laying around.
To see my tutorial on the hairbows click here.
Just thought I would chat up the Saturday storytimes.
They are a blast, and everyone should come and join in our crafts, treats, and fun story.
For dates and times check out for more details.

Thanks for stopping by 
Through Betsy's Looking Glass,
and I hope to see you at the next storytime.

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