Monday, October 28, 2013

Individual Frosting Dips

Cameron recently had her birthday.
She turned 4.
How did 4 years already go by?
So last week we took a treat to Cameron's school for her birthday.
We did this last year as well, but I did cupcakes.
And what a mess cupcakes are.
So I wanted to go a different route.
Something not as messy, and fun as well.
So we came up with individual frosting dips.
So easy, cheap, and fun for the kids to eat.

 The only necessary supplies are animal crackers, frosting (I used cream cheese frosting),
and sprinkles to add some extra fun.
Oh, and of course some small bags for the animal crackers,
and little cups for the frosting.
You could even do thematic sprinkles for different holidays.
So fun!

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