Monday, October 28, 2013

October's Book Club: The Fault in our Stars

Last Wednesday our book club got together to discuss
The Fault in our Stars
by John Green.
This was such an amazing book, and we had so much fun discussing this book together.
One of my fellow bookies put together this month's treats.
It was absolutely magnificent.
She made homemade Stroop Waffles,
which I learned are a Dutch treat, in honor of the Amsterdam references within the book.
They were so good, and I'm hoping to make these in the future.

 A Stroop Waffle set right on top of a hot cup of coffee is perfect.
It melts the caramel in the center, and makes it soft and gooey.

If you've read the novel you will be familiar with the glasses of champagne.
It's not real champagne, it's ginger ale.
Don't worry Barnes and Noble, we're not bringing in alcohol.

 And I felt so honored that she used napkins that she had brought all the way from Amsterdam.
Isn't that neat?

And of course I had to make up some fun bookmarks.
There were so many great quotes in this books so I found a few I liked and used them.

The discussion questions we used this month can be found at,

November's Book Selection is:
Life after Life
by: Kate Atkinson.
We will be meeting Nov. 20th at 7PM.

And thanks for stopping by 
Through Betsy's Looking Glass.

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  1. Bookmarks are really good idea. I'll do it from my favorite sentences that I've read in a book.
    Thank you for your sharing.


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