Sunday, January 8, 2012

Newest Addition to our Family!

         First off since this is my 1st official post I just wanted to say I am extremely excited to start this blog. I have been wanting to share all the crazy and awesome things that seem to happen in my family's life.

     My daughter, Cameron, happens to be one of the most obnoxious little girls out there, but with those big blue eyes, and curly locks I can't seem to stay mad at her.

Cameron, Jan. 8, 2012
     But on to "the newest addition to our family", which happens to be a new bathroom. Thanks to Garner Remodeling, who did a fantastic job of designing and renovating. 

garnet remodeling logo

Follow the link to check out their website!


    Sadly we do not have before and after photos, but just image a delipidated hole. Well, slight exaggeration, but compared to the "Now", we feel like we should be eating caviar as we sip our cocktails in our extravagent powder room.

     Everything was gutted, and we got all new appliances, such as sink, bath, and toilet. The only thing that stayed was our large, built-in cabinet that was perfect for the size of our bathroom. Which, as you can tell, is extra-small. They built new doors for our cabinet to update the room a little.

     In this photo you can barely see the cabinet that was revamped to stand up to modern-day cabinets. I am still using all my old bathroom accessories such as shower curtain, and towels. I'm contemplating if I should change it up and add a little color. If anyone has any pointers, or added suggestions on what I could do to add a little pizazz, feel free to comment. Oh, and before anyone comments on the color of the walls I'll let you know I am planning on painting the walls some shade of blue in the near future. (Unless someone comes up with an amazing color scheme idea)

     I like the color scheme below. I would like to somehow incorporate this into the bathroom. When picking paint I get the pure enjoyment like I'm choosing a specialty latte at the local coffee shop all because of the quirky names the paint is given. (From Left to Right, Aqua Chiffon, Oceanside, Cathedral Gray, and Forsythia Blossom)

Notice the awesome tile work that lines the whole room even through the shower!

 And lastly for...
Recently Shelved:

By: Ally Condie
     This is the 2nd installment to Condie's Matched series. I personally loved her first book, but Crossed was a little of a disappointment, but don't get me wrong. I would still read it, she adds in a few new characters that you won't want to miss.

 "Tris and Izzie"
   By: Mette Ivie Harrison
       Ahhh! Worst book that I have read in a long time. Do not waste your time. The idea of the story was great. I was originally so excited to read a modern retelling of the Arthurian German fairytale of Tristan and Isolde, but Harrison butchered it with her one-liners and her lack of detail. Cover is awesome though! This had so much potential.

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