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      Pink is a term that girls are born to love! Or at least I was one of those little girls, and so is my daughter. She could swim in pink and her day would be set. If a little girl sees something sparkly, and pink in a store it seems to be instinct to want it. If I were to ask Cameron if she wanted a new black dress for her baby doll, or a pink frying pan for mommy she would probably choose the pink frying pan, because. . . it's pink!

Pink Things I Love!
Strawberries and Creme Frap. (Starbucks)
Pinkalicious [Book]
Pinkalicious (Barnes and Noble)
Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake (Billy Vanilly in Topeka)
Miss Piggy Fingernail Polish from The Muppets (Walgreens)

Toddler Uggs (Dillards)
     This weekend we celebrated my cousin's 4th birthday. She is just like most girls, loves pink, and is a true Princess at heart. So while I was out and about shopping for her birthday I was set on the idea that I was going to buy her a boa scarf with a fairy wand. If you have ever gone shopping for a wand you will soon find out that there are many wands to choose from and the majority of them look extremely cheap. I wanted something big, sparkly and pink. So my mission was on, I had to find one that had all of these qualities. Needless to say I never found one, so I decided to make one. 

     This activity can be done with a child, and you can make it as big, sparkly, and as unique as you want. It's a very simple activity, but very messy! Do this while Daddy is not around...Wink!

Fairy Wand!

* Cardboard
*Loose Glitter
*Fun Girly Paper
*Craft Stick
*Hot Glue Gun
*And anything else you want to add!

1. Draw a star on the cardboard. Cut it out, and then trace the star you just cut out onto another piece of cardboard. The funkier the shape of the star, the more awesome it will be!
     *Parent you will need to help with the cutting.

2. Place the craft stick onto the backside of one of the stars, and tape down. Make sure that it is taped securely. Then place the two stars together with the right sides out. Tape around the entire edge of the star so that it will hold it together.

3. Trace the stars on to the fun paper you have chosen so that you can make the star pretty. I chose sparkly pink paper. Trace onto the side of the paper you will not see, so that you can't see the tracing lines. Cut the paper out, and then glue with a glue stick onto the cardboard.
     *Parents once again you may need to help with the cutting, and glue placement.

4.  Now we need to wrap ribbon around the craft stick. Choose which ribbon you want to use, and using the hot glue gun place a small dab of glue at the top of the craft stick where it meets the star. Then begin to wrap the ribbon around the craft stick. When you get to the end place another small dab of glue near the end and wrap ribbon over glue.
     *Parents you will need to do the hot glueing. This glue can get very hot!

5. Now choose a few pieces of ribbon and cut to the desired size. (You probably won't want it too much longer than the wand itself.) Once again put hot glue around the top of the craft stick near the star and wrap the ribbon around the glue. (Make sure that all the pieces of ribbon get glued down. 

6. I then added hot glue around the entire edge of the star. (Where the stars are taped together.) I didn't like being able to see the cardboard. I then at this point added loose glitter to add extra sparkle, and to hide the cardboard. Do a little at a time. The hot glue dries fast, so you will need to only do a small amount at a time. 

7. Finally I added an "S" on the front since my cousin's name starts with an S. You can add all you want to make the wand even more awesome!

8. Now let your little Princess enjoy!

I told her to smile and this is the face she gave me!

Recently Shelved:

"Shatter Me"
By: Tahereh Mafi

Love, Love, Loved this book! I highly recommend it. It relates to the X-Men
 in a way with the whole 
girl who can suck the life out of you with a single touch, etc. It starts 
out with a girl who has supernatural 
powers and is considered a freak for being 
this way. Civilization puts her away in a psych ward in hopes that
 this will just rid the world of her 
ability. The civilization soon goes to war with pretty much itself, and they realize
 they may need her after 
all. She has to make the decision to help her civilization and use her powers for evil,
or go against the society and risk death. This will be a book you will not soon forget.

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