Monday, April 23, 2012

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap!

     Since I didn't get this post up on Earth day, which was yesterday, I decided to go ahead, and be just one day late. I found these eco-friendly bows off of Martha Stewart's website. They were super easy to make, and really fun. You can make them more personal for whoever you choose to give them to.

     The only supplies that you need are:
* scissors
*and an old magazine!

I used a Disney magazine that I bought from of course Barnes and Noble!
I thought my niece would like Disney since she is going to Disney World this summer!

The first step is to cut strips out of the magazine.
You will need 3 large strips the length of the magazine. 
3 more, a little shorter, and then 2 more a little shorter again.
And finally a very small strip for the center.
Photo below should hopefully explain a little better!

Twist each end onto the center and tape down. 

Do this for each strip.

The last, and smallest strip should just be folded into a small circle.

Finally, tape each one onto the other. You do not have to use all of the pieces, 
but the more, the fuller the bow.

Happy Earth Day! (one day late)

Recently Shelved!

The Book of Tomorrow

"The Book of Tomorrow"
by: Cecelia Ahern
5 Stars

This was a magical tale about a 16 year old girl who recently
 lost her father (to suicide), mother (to becoming mentally unstable), and
 house (to debt). Her life is ripped out from under her, and she is forced 
to start anew. When in a time of need she finds a diary that, when opened, 
tells her what will happen the next day. At first she can't resist, and must know 
what is to happen, and she tries to change fate a certain points. This story was 
emotionally gripping, wonderfully magical, and full of mystery. I most definitely
 recommend it to all readers. Cecelia Ahern also wrote the bestseller "P.S. I Love You". 

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