Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No Bunnies for Cameron!

     Easter is almost here, and everywhere you see bunnies. Cameron is on the other hand afraid of bunnies. Yes, those cute adorable, furry animals that look less scary than a cat, but she is most definately afraid of them. Why, I'm not quite sure? Last year for her Easter photo my mom took the 3 grandkids out to the mall to have their photos taken with live bunnies. My niece and nephew were all for it. They held and pet them, while Cameron cowered on her seat with her feet up, as if they were going to bite a toe off. So, in the end, the photos with the bunnies didn't go so well for Cameron.

     This year when I tried to take her to go see the Easter bunny at the mall I had thought she may be over her fear of bunnies, but I was sure wrong. The minute she saw the Easter bunny she ran screaming for me to hold her. And on our way home I was trying to explain to her that the Easter bunny is nice, and that he leaves eggs for her, and that there is normally candy inside. Later that evening she told me that she didn't want the Easter bunny to come in to her house, and leave eggs. She is deathly scared that this strange, oversized bunny is going to enter house in the middle of the night and leaves eggs with mysterious candy inside. When you think of it like that it does seem kind of creepy.

     So when deciding to do Easter photos again, I knew I needed to go a different route. Rather than bunnies I decided to use an idea I found on Pinterest. The cards I found on Pinterest, they had used this idea for Valentines day, and I thought what a great idea for Easter as well.

The photo of Cameron was taken by Janette at Worth a 1000 Words 

     These were really simple to do. You need to make sure that when taking the photo your child is making a fist toward the camera. Then poke a hole through the top of his or her fist, and at the bottom of the fist and push the lollipop/sucker through. I thought these huge, chocolate flowers were very Springy, and perfect for Easter.

     This is what I put on the back of the card! I had to still incorporate bunnies some how.

Have a Hippity-Hoppity Easter!


  1. Betsy! Those are adorable!! Think I could get my cat to do it instead? :)

    1. If you get your cat to do this let me see!

  2. Betsy, these are simply adorable and such a wonderful idea! I will most definitely have to do this! :)

  3. They are darling! Abby can't wait to eat her sucker :) Thanks for stopping by this morning! xoxo


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