Thursday, May 3, 2012

Celebrate Spring!

Spring has finally sprung, officially
with the rain-sun combo.
I love this time of year!
And to celebrate this time of year is May Day (May 1st).

I couldn't wait to celebrate this little known holiday that seems to become lost in todays time.
My husband even questioned me when I began talking about it. May Day? What?
What's May Day? Baskets, flowers, running, and hiding? Hugh?
Well, here began my journey.

I can remember one specific May Day. I was probably 6 (guesstimation)!
My mother and I made May Day baskets out of card stock, and stuffed them with 
freshly grown flowers from our very own flower bed.
We then strolled throughout the neighborhood with our basket of blooms.
I would choose a house that caught my eye, and would hang the May Day baskets upon the door knobs. I would then as sly as a ninja, ring the doorbell, and run away, all the while still in sight of the door, and watch as the basket receiver would look on with joy.

We were most definitely enjoying all the fun, but the one lasting moment would have to be when I chose a house that I knew was the owner of the oldest woman in the world (slight exaggeration). 
I swore she was at least a hundred years old, and she moved in reverse time, but I was determined to give her a May Day basket. So, I ran to her door, hung the basket, rang the door bell, and ran
as if this one moment in time she would move faster than normal. But I waited, and waited, and waited some more. When we were about to walk away she slowly opened the door. I remember feeling so good inside, because I could see how happy it made her to receive her May Day basket.
I don't want to miss out on these little moments in life, and I knew this year I wanted the kiddos to 
experience the same thing.

Well, as you probably have guessed, I had the kids make May Day baskets (tins).
They had so much fun planting flowers in these tea tins that were generously 
donated by Barnes and Noble.

And of course they got all dirty, but what child doesn't like to get dirty?

We also went around the neighborhood, and delivered the May Day tins.
We sadly did not ring, and run. I was a little skeptical that the receivers would
have no idea what May Day was, and would be completely confused.

This photo looks like the flowers are dead, but they actually were doing fine!
But each person that did receive their May Day tins were very excited, and appreciative.
And the kids had so much fun!

*Thank you Barnes and Noble for donating the tea tins!

What I'm Loving This Week:

I'm not sure what to call these!
But they are cupcake liners that are amazing.
Even after the baking process is done they still are just as vibrant (the color).
They come in a variety of colors!

On my first test run I did not realize that you have to put less cupcake batter
 into the cupcake liners than normal.
The cup will have runnith-over.

I had to show you this picture just so you could see how amazing these cupcake liners are.
I baked the same kind of cupcakes, but in light purple liners as well, and the color of the other liners gets completely washed out by the cupcakes, while the yellow ones still are just as vibrant.

Cameron thought they looked like mini cups of ice-cream!

My only hesitation was when it came time to take the cupcake out of the liner, but they
actually came right out. With one small squeeze the cupcake came right out, and it didn't leave large chunks of cupcake inside. Success!

Happy Spring!
What's your favorite thing about Spring?

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  1. I love the May Day tins! I had been thinking about it being May Day and all of the cute crafts that Adison used to bring home :)
    The cupcake liners are too cute, I love how bright the colors stay. The picture of Cameron on the porch swing is one of my most favorite of her ever! Such a cutie pie!


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