Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Almost Done!

Finals are almost done!
Tonight I take my last final for this semester, and then 
I'm free for the remainder of summer, well from school work at least!
I am so giddy, I feel like a little school girl!
I have been planning, and am looking forward to the free time that I will 
have to spend doing crafts, and making goodies!

Well, sadly since this was finals week I didn't have time to do, or make 
any fun crafts or goodies.
But, I never the less have to keep up with the sunflower progress.

I have now lost 2 sunflowers to rain, 
1 by being trampled on (by who I do not know),
1 from being dug up by some mysterious animal (sunflower is no where to be found),
and finally 1 more that was eaten completely down to the base.

Will I have any by the time they bloom?

Well, I do still have about 10 left.
I just have to pray that they will make it.

So, anyways on to their weekly progressive states!

Day One:

Week Two:

Week Three:

Week Four:

OH,  and I was wondering about these mysterious plants. 
I planted them from a bulb last summer, and they
didn't come up so I just assumed that they would never come up.
Here they are though, and what are they I can't remember.
If anyone has any ideas let me know!

Happy Mothers Day!

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