Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

I hope everyone had a splendid 4th of July.
My family and I most definitely took full advantage of a fun, filled day full of family, fireworks, and the celebration of freedom.
That's a mouth full!
Well I thought I would share a few things from our wonderful celebration.

My latest creation is this americana banner.
I used scraps of red, white and blue fabric.
they aren't any certain length or width. 
They all differ in sizes.

I used ribbon to hold the fabric strips, and I 
folded the fabric strips over the ribbon and knotted at the top.
Simple enough! It took maybe 20 minutes to make.
I'm thinking this would be a really fun table skirt.

I made some 4th of July Cupcakes, but I'm not a fan of using popsicle sticks for the cake toppers.
I was out of candy sticks. . .I will have to remember to stock up.

I was testing a new cupcake out. 
I made Almond Cupcakes with a chocolate surprise.
Recently I have been trying to add an extra twist to my favorite cupcakes. 
The only thing I think I need to change is make the frosting chocolate since there is a chocolate surprise in the center. Hmmm? So many options.

Once I have perfected the recipe I will do a post on it.

My favorite thing was the star*spangled watermelon, and berries!
So simple, but so cute.
And I can't go wrong with watermelon for Cameron.

And lastly her Independence Day dress worked out wonderfully.
Only fault is that I had a hard time getting a picture of her.

One good one without her bow. (below)

And one with her bow. (below)

To view the post featuring Cameron's dress click here >>> Pillowcase Dress
or Cam's bow click here >>> Fabric Bows

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, and
thank you for stopping by "Through Betsy's Looking Glass".

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