Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Cupcakes are sitting Pretty!

A lot of times people ask me where I get my ideas from.
And of course I get a large majority of inspiration from Pinterest, other bloggers, and magazines.
But everyone once and a while I truthfully have to think pretty hard to finally figure out where I got my original inspiration from.
For one, my mind wanders all the time, and I am constantly thinking about the weirdest things.
So for example. . .I'm at work of course thinking about nothing but work. . .cough, cough, 
when a customer approaches me wearing a peter pan style blouse in the most gorgeous shade of turquoise. I love TURQUOISE!
I complement her on her blouse, and go on with my shift.
But 10, 15, 20 minutes later I'm still thinking about this blouse.
I need something in this shade of blue. A pair of pants, a new ipod case, anything, but what?
Well, lunch comes along, and now I'm starving, but not for the low*cal "Marie Callender" that I've brought along. A cupcake that's what I need.
I pick one up in the cafe, and yes they are good, but I still want a huge lip smackin' cupcake that I'm gonna make a huge mess with.
3 hours later my shift is over, but I'm left feeling not only sugar deprived, but color deprived.
That's when it came to me. . . I need to make one of my awesome cupcakes (or at least I think they are awesome), and eat it on a new turquoise plate.
Wait I only have $20 in my wallet.
How am I going to buy a new plate, and make cupcakes off of only $20?
Goodwill here I come, along with some crafty ideas.
I know, I know. . .you're thinking "what", that didn't make since at all, but in my mind it did.
This wonderful customer left me needing more turquoise, and it led to this.

DIY Cake Stands:

1. First I headed off to goodwill, and searched their choices of plates, cups, margarita glasses, and candle stick holders.
For only a dollar a piece I collected some awesome finds.

2. I then matched the plates to which ever piece I felt it matched up with.
I used glass spray paint glue.
It worked really well!
(I know it sounds like I'm shocked here, but I was really worried, and had no idea what to use).

3. Let them dry for at least 2 hours minimum.
I let them sit overnight just to be safe.
Then spray paint them with your desired spray paint color.
I of course used turquoise!

4. Once again let them dry overnight, and your ready to use.

Happy Goodwilling!
Thanks for stopping by "Through Betsy's Looking Glass".

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  1. What about using heavy cardboard in a circle and placing pastic cups betwee the layers. Put 1 cup under the top place and t2 cups under the second place for support. You could paint them or decorate them with paper.

    1. Super fun idea. I will have to try this. Thanks Mary

  2. What a great idea. These cake plates are fabulous! Isn't GW amazing? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Hope to see you back soon!

    1. Thanks Tuula! And yes GW is one of my best friends.


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