Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th: Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta

Good news: Cameron seems to be feeling better!
And luckily I have no bad news to share. Yay!

Most of the day yesterday I was hungry for something thick, rich, and totally not healthy.
You know you have days like that.
So I searched and pinned many things on Pinterest, and finally made a decision.
A Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta.

It was extremely simple, but so delicious!
It is a must make.
Here is the link to the wonderful mastermind behind this recipe.
Be sure to pin her page, and check it out.
You won't be sorry you did.

And I am excited to announce I just got done making a Christmas surprise for all my loved ones,
but sadly I can't share it here until after Christmas, because of course you will all see it.
All bloggers can confide with me...the temptation is so strong.

And for a final note, I'm mailing out the Christmas cards tomorrow.
Check in your mailbox!

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