Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1: Christmas Surprise!

Last night Peter, Cameron, and I 
spent the evening decorating our Christmas tree, 
that we cut down ourselves.
It was such a fun experience picking our own tree, and 
making sure that we didn't pick one inhabited by birds (which we almost did).
Next year we will be sure to do this again, 
even though it was a little more pricey, the experience was worth it.

As I was saying we decorated the tree,
and this was Cameron's first year as a "Designated Lower Half of the Tree Ornament Hanger".
She loved opening each ornament, and discovering what was inside the bubble wrapping.
And truthfully I was just as giddy.
You forget what ornaments are there to surprise you.
And I have to say that the most exciting ornament was one that I had forgotten about, 
that we received from my brother, and sister in law last Christmas.

My sister in law had made herself.
It has Peter and I's wedding invitation inside.
I had totally forgotten about it, and I got so excited when I saw it.
I think it is so neat how you can see random words from the invite that reminds you what it is.
Such a great idea Amanda, thanks!

Is there an ornament that you have that has a special meaning behind it?

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