Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 21st: Christmas Cards Displayed

Every year I display my Christmas cards,
but I just set them all up on a mantle.
Not to interesting, and they seem to fall down a lot.
Pinterest has a lot of great ways to display them, but my house is very small and limited on space.
Yesterday I came up the greatest idea.
We have an archway in the entrance to our house, and I have never hung anything there,
but I thought this was a really good place to display
 all the Christmas Cheer that has been delivered to us.

I used kitchen yarn and clothes pins to hang all the pictures up.
I relocated our reusable chalkboard frame for the centerpiece.
I love it!
Only thing I'm worried about is...after the holidays I know I'm going to want something to hang here again...any ideas?

Do you see your Christmas card?

Thanks everyone for the Christmas cards, 
because obviously I wouldn't be able to do this without them!

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