Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 11th and 12th: Catch Up!

I know what your thinking 
"she promised to do a daily post for the entire month of December".
I failed!
I missed yesterday.
This wonderful (sarcasm) 24 hour flu that is seeking out predators finally found me.
Yesterday was not good, and I felt that in hopes of not spreading it I kept confined to my room for the entirety of the day. 
What if it could travel through the internet through some weird "cyber viral flu thing"?
Oh no, my inner geek is shining through.

Well, luckily it was only the 24 hour bug...I am back to my normal self, and happy to say that I 
welcomed my morning breakfast.
There did happen to be one plus side to yesterday...
a hilarious video I found online.
I normally hate it when people post things on facebook for others to watch, because
truthfully they don't end up being funny, or they are just so 
stupid I feel degraded after watching it.
But here I go posting my video that I found to be hilarious.
I literally laughed for probably a good 5 minutes after the video was over.

This is my first time trying to link to a video so I'm not sure this will work.
Here is the Link.
If that doesn't work, go to Youtube, and type in Wisdom Teeth: aftermath, and it will be the first available choice.

Okay, I know this post is kind of lame, but give me a brake I was sick yesterday.
Tomorrow, I promise, I'll be back to my "A" game.

Happy Youtubing!

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