Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9th: Sick Baby

I have come to realize that not only do good days follow with greater things, but
also the bad.
Cameron woke up last night at 2 am with the confirmation of a sick
little girl all over my shirt (if you get the gist).
We know somethings wrong when she sleeps past 6 am, 
and not only did she do that, but she slept until 11.
Poor baby girl!

Francis left Cameron a note of encouragement.
I decided to take advantage of the time alone by cleaning the living room, and dining room.
I was so excited that I had accomplished so much so early on a Sunday 
that I texted photos to my husband
bragging about what I had succeeded in doing today.
I know your thinking, really how is this such an accomplishment, but whenever
I decide to clean Cameron decides to help, Ugh! 
Such a big heart, but not such a big help.

This was my first mistake...I feel that if maybe I hadn't of bragged about this 
I might not of had a problem.
I'm allowed to think this, right?

Just a little bit ago she fell asleep for a short nap, and I mean short.
I ran to the bathroom once her last lash fell, and started to take a shower, 
that's when I heard a pitter patter of feet.
What do you do in a situation like this?
Do I get out soaking wet, hair not washed?
I decided I would brave the disaster of what could happen while I was in the shower.
Bad decision # 2!

I came to find that the living room now was occupied by an audience 
of stuffed animals watching Max and Ruby.
Cameron had felt that they were hungry and 
had dumped a bag of chips on the floor in front of them, as well.
And you would think this is all that could have been happened in just a short 15 minutes, but NO...
she had succeeded in giving her doll, Kit, a makeover, to top it all off.

It's all okay...I am going to take a deep breath and just keep on going.

P.S. I promise to get back into my crafting and baking once school is over.


  1. Oh my goodness little girl! She apparently feels better, that's good!! I think she's related to my daughter, Brylee ;)

    1. They are most definitely related. They can be so sneaky some times.


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